Track Armour Series 4 SFI 3.3/5 Racing Glove


Grip, Comfort, Breathability and Protection are the 4 cornerstones this glove was developed on. Track Armour Series 4 racing gloves have a unique grip pattern that balances proper grip with ease of repositioning. Our gloves are manufactured with the highest grade Nomex material allowing for an SFI 3.3/5 standard rating. Our gloves were designed by a team of designers who also have had decades of racing experience to bring you a well performing glove with all the key features and benefits you need! Are you ready to send it!? 

Key Features:

  • Active and Passive Grip Pattern: Our uniquely designed grip patterns mimic the natural pressure points of your had to optimize your grip and position on the steering wheel and shift knob/paddle. The gray pads are active and sticky while the red and white lines are passive grips allowing for minor movement and repositioning of the hand while in use
  • Reverse Stitching: Designed for maximum comfort inside the glove along with increasing the surface area the glove is exposed to on the surface. Little features like this make a big difference in durability and comfort while racing
  • Fitted Wrist: Having proper fitment is key for a high performing glove. Our fitted wrist is diamond stitched and woven in elastic threads, allowing for a very secure and confident fit
  • Nomex Material: SFI rated 3.3/5, allows for industry standard protection against flame exposure. Ideal for proper protection if exposed to a fire
  • Arm Gauntlet: We have extended our glove to have the right length down your arm while also taking into consideration your preference on how to wear it with or without a suit. You'll find whether you tuck it into your suit sleeve (not not) or race with short sleeves, this glove will perform well in all fitment and protection scenarios

Track Day Paint Protection + Vinyl Numbers

Our track day paint protection is a clear film specifically designed to protect the paint of your car or bike for a day/weekend at the track from rock chips and tire chunk marks. Designed to apply quick and remove easy, our temporary paint protection film is the best solution for some additional protection on the track! (safe on clear bras and wraps). Our Vinyl Numbers are quick and easy to apply and look great! Easy to remove after your event, or leave on for up to 5 years!


Designed for maximum comfort and breathability, TRACK ARMOUR head sock / balaclavas are the perfect companion for your helmet and Track Day experience. Our universally fitted head sock / balaclavas are perfectly suited for all! Wearing a head sock also prevents your helmet from smelling and getting gunky over time. You wear socks with your shoes right?!

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