Will TrackArmour damage my paint?

Absolutely not! Our adhesive is specifically designed to hold on tight but peel off easy after your track day. Our film has been tested to work on all OEM paint/clear/matte finishes. Our film should be safe on aftermarket paint finishes, just use caution since aftermarket paint jobs could be good/bad.

FERRARI OWNERS: Many Ferrari models come with very soft paint. Please speak with a Ferrari Tech before TrackArmour or any other adhesive is placed on the surface of your car.

Can I put TrackArmour over my headlights?

In most cases, yes. Some cars' headlights have a very thin UV film over the surface that is very delicate and can be damaged with any sort of adhesive film or tape being placed on them. Porsche 991 variants with LED headlights are an example of this.

Can TrackArmour film peel off my clear bra/wrap or damage it?

Nope! The level of adhesion of a clear bra or wrap is too strong. Your clear bra won't even notice something was stuck to it. Most clear bra's out there are made with Polyurethane, which is EXTREMELY durable. Our special adhesive will not damage a clear bra.

How long can I keep my TrackArmour film on for?

We recommend using our film one track day at a time.

What if I need extra protection?

Not to worry! We recommend that you simply add another layer or two in areas that you know are more critical/exposed.

Where are the best places to apply TrackArmour?

Full front bumper, the first few inches of your hood (you can end it right in the middle of your headlights), fenders (typically where you would see mudflaps) and side skirts. BE SURE TO NOT HAVE ANY VENTS/INLETS COVERED AFTER APPLICATION. 

Fairings, Headlights and Indicators

I seem to see a little residue. How do I remove this safely off the paint?

Although rare, anytime you apply an adhesive (TrackArmour, Blue Painters Tape, etc) to a smooth and polished surface there is a chance a bit of adhesive will be left behind. NO WORRIES! It is very easy to remove if needed. There are several paint-safe ways to get rid of it. Once finished, be sure to re-wax that area.

1. Mix some warm water with some Dawn dish soap. Work it in using a car friendly bug sponge (ideal) or microfiber cloth.

2. Mineral Oil (available at The Home Depot). Work it in using a microfiber cloth. 

3. Goo Gone Automotive 

Can I use TrackArmour film in the rain?

Yes! Just be mindful that water could find its way into the little pockets around the edges sometimes. This could cause the edges to decrease their bond to the surface

Disclaimer: Verify the substrate (painted surface, etc) is in good condition before applying any sort of vinyl or adhesive film to the surface. Due to the infinite amount of surface qualities that may go undetected simply by a visual inspection, TrackArmour cannot take any responsibility to any damage caused from the application or removal of our paint protection film or vinyl numbers.