Quick Application Tips

1) Apply to clean and dry surface (waxed if possible)

2) Roll backing paper from the vinyl numbers and transfer tape (about 1 inch down)

3) While attached, stick transfer tape and numbers to the surface you wish to apply

4) Take hold of the backing paper and slowly pull it down while rolling the transfer tape and numbers onto the surface. As you are rolling, begin pressing the numbers onto the surface using your felt tipped applicator tool using moderate to firm pressure

5) As you continue to the bottom, keep pressing the application tool in all directions to minimize bubbles

6) Once the transfer tape and numbers are applied securely to the surface, pull the transfer tape off the surface in a 180 degree angle, leaving the numbers securely on the surface

TIP: If the numbers are still attached to the transfer tape, it is ok to take your finger and press it firmly onto the surface and try again.

Quick Removal Tips

1) Use a thin soft edge (a fingernail works great) to pick an edge off and pinch the corner to grab it

2) Slowly pull in 180 degrees along the stroke of the number until that number is completely removed

TIP: The warmer the surface the easier the number will come off. Avoid removing vinyl numbers from a cold surface.